I heart the google

Yesterday I found what looked like tiny, light green egg sacks, on the underside of my broccoli leaves.  They looked something like this

Cabbage Loopers are actually a night flying moth.  They’re called loopers because the caterpillars which are about an inch long and bright green, loop when they move.  They cause a lot of destruction to leaves of plants.  More than just broccoli too: kale, collards, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a couple of other plants.

I picked the little bastards off the leaves and squished them.  They squish pretty easily.  Effective enough for the few outside.

Most bugs I have no problem with.  Bugs that are going to eat my plants are a problem.  My veggies are for me and whomever I choose to share with.  Not for opportunistic parasites.  Fucking bastards.  Last summer  I found the caterpillars on the tomatoes I picked them off, threw them to the ground, and stomped on them.  In case you’re curious, they squish rather satisfyingly.  This year, with 3 tomatoes and one, maybe 2 cucumber plants, there is no way to check all the leaves.  Something will have to be done for pest control because those sons o’bitches arent going to be out of control.  I dont want to use something that is toxic to other insects, bees and other pollinating insects are very important, and I dont want to use something that would be toxic to me, Chris, or Claire if she were to get into the plants.  More research on google turned up Dipel Dust.  Dipel Dust is made of Bacillus Thuringiensis which is a naturally occurring bacteria in soil.  It works as a poison for leaf eating insects.  The bacteria itself is not considered harmful to humans, animals, bees, or other beneficial insects.  There is debate about the safety of crops genetically engineered with Bt, but in this case, there should be no worries and Dipel dust is inexpensive to boot.

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One Response to I heart the google

  1. bells says:

    Oh I wish I wasn’t so squeamish. I know I should be able to squish things but I just can’t. I’m gagging just thinking about it!

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