And more done

The Owl’s sweater is finally finished.  The armpit seams have been sewn.  Seaming is not my strong point.  I wasnt sure what to do, if I should split the yarn, use mattress stitch, back stitch, etc.  Roger at Abundant Yarn fixed me up.  Neither was needed.  All he did was weave the holes closed.   I’m not good at that, but I can manage okay.  Sometimes socks get holes where you join the heel to the foot.  Seaming the pits worked on the same principle.  Although, if I had this sweater to do over, I’d keep the stitches live instead of binding off and graft it together.  Much more comfortable with grafting than seaming.

Thank you to everyone who gave much needed help with this sweater.  I’m very grateful to you all.

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2 Responses to And more done

  1. Rodger says:

    RoDger, mon petit chou.

  2. bells says:

    Gorgeous, well done!

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