Random office weirdness in 3 acts

Act 1: Because there are two suspected cases of flu in Seattle, some people here at the firm are going nuts.  One of the hospitality girls (the hospitality dpt does things like set up meetings, plan parties, etc) had to go and try to find some hand sanitizer.  Because people are going nuts our boss decided this was important.  She took the car and drove all over Portland.  She went to Costco, Fred Meyer (Fred Meyer is a combo grocery, clothing, electronic, housewares store, kind of like a Super Wal-Mart, with better quality stuff) Walgreen’s, only to find 4 bottles at Babies’R’Us. 

Act 2: The girl who works in the copy room is trying to play a prank on one of the guys who works in the mail room.  She took tissues, wadded them up, and tossed them randomly around his desk.  Her prank didnt work.

Act 3: One of the attorney’s went to Mexico just before the flu broke out on the news.  His assistant took a shower curtain, spray painted the biohazard symbol on it and cut it in straight pieces.  She also made a flier with the heading “This Is What Swine Flu Will Do To You” and put his picture next to a picture of someone dressed up as Ms. Piggy.  There are rubber gloves and a face mask stuck to the outside of his office. 

I wish I had the camera so I could take a picture of the last one for you.  It was pretty darn clever.

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