Does this ever happen to you?

I’m working on one of the side panels for the Sylvi jacket.  I love the pattern.  I generally like A-line cuts, the way they flow, and the way this cut fits my frame.  The pattern is stunning.  I’m looking forward to knitting the center back piece with it’s cables and flowers, getting more comfortable with short rows, the hood, and finally getting everything seamed together and wearing the finished product.  It’s knit on 6mm needles so it’ll go fairly quickly. I’m not feeling the same umph to knit it that I felt in January/February.

Maybe it’s because summer is on the way.  Even though, in Oregon, you cant count on it being consistently nice until after the 4th of July.  I’d like to make some summer tops.  There are 2 cute ones in “French Girl Knits”, Paloma and Nadine (ravelry links) that would make nice summer tops.  Delphine is cute too.  This one though, I’d make in different yarn.  Even though it’s lacy and light, and even though it doesnt get above 80ish most of the time and there is no humidity, there is no way in hell I’d wear alpaca in Oregon in summer.

The thing about “French Girl Knits” is that the pattern descriptions are pretty cheesy and I have my doubts as to how “French” they are, but there are a lot of cute patterns and most of them are seamless.  One sweater is knit sideways and is seamless.

It all sounds so simple doesnt it.  Just get the yarn and knit what I want right?  It’s not so simple though.  There are a couple of reasons why.  I to pick up more dirt and pots so rest of the plants can go outside in 2 weeks and there are bills to be paid. Waiting two weeks till I get paid again while working on the jacket in the meantime, is no big deal.

I have a weird feeling though.  I have a feeling of obligation to this jacket.  I feel obligated to knit it, and that if I dont I’d somehow be shirking my knitting responsibility.  I dont know why I feel this way, I cant explain it.  I dont know if it’s because I sent the yarn back to Webs twice before settling on a colour, or if it’s because I’ve wanted to knit it for a few months and it kept getting put off for one reason or another.  I’m not exactly sure why I feel this way, it’s strange.

Does this ever happen to any of you?  Do any of you ever feel this way?

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One Response to Does this ever happen to you?

  1. Samer says:

    Not with knitting, but with stories or poetry? Very much yes. I imagine it can be that way with most creative endeavors.

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