Since last weekend, it’s been pouring nearly every day.  Seriously, it’s been like a mini-monsoon this week.  Each day the sky would open up, there would be a deluge that would turn into a mist, then sprinkle, then deluge, that would turn into a mist, then sprinkle.  Repeat for 5 days.

By the time Thursday rolled around the spinach was lying down in it’s pot about ready to give up.  It looked like it was saying “Please stop raining on me.  No more, please.  I’m ready to give up”  Last Saturday, during a break in the deluge, I had to transplant the Tigerella tomato.  It was a foot tall in it’s little pot and about ready to fall over.  By Thursday, it looked decidedly grumpy, and I had to pick off some of it’s leaves that were getting spots from too much rain.

Is it wrong to anthropomorphize your plants?

The only plant that seemed thrilled with the rain was the broccoli.  This last week it’s leaves have gotten huge.  It still hasnt done anything other than make leaves, but it seems happy.  No matter how much I look at it and admonish it for not having made any actual broccoli yet, it will in it’s own time.

Something wonderful happened on Thursday, other than a break in the deluge cycle.  One of the girls who rides the same bus, offered to take me to get dirt so I wouldnt have to lug a 40lb bag of dirt around on the bus.  She said she had to get dirt anyway, so it was no big deal to put it all in her car.  Besides, she said, carrying a 40lb bag of dirt around on the bus is too much.  I got two bags of dirt and some pots.  We stopped by her place to drop off her dirt and she gave me some pots out of her stash.  Couldnt have asked for a better day.  Other than some tomato cages, I think I’m all set.  There may be one more bag of dirt needed to finish planting, I’ll know for sure after today.

The marigolds are getting their marigold leaves, the spinach, now that it’s not being drown, is starting to get some new growth, the beets are getting some new leaves, and well, just see for yourselves:

There is broccoli (it’s huge.  No joking.) Spinach, beets, lavender, basil, Belgian pepper, marigold, and the Tigerella tomato.  Even though it’s early, I had to put it outside, it was just over a foot tall in it’s tiny pot and wasnt doing well.  Today, I planted some Lemon cuke seeds, morning glory seeds, and transplanted my pathetic oregano.  I have no idea whether or not it’ll survive.  If it doesnt, I still have lots of seeds.  The carrots dont look like much, neither do the herbs.  Pictures of those will wait for another day.  My neighbour Jeff, has lots of plants as you can see:

Jeff Trees

He got a tomato from a nursery a couple of weeks ago

Jeff Tomato

Because he’s on the opposite side of the courtyard, his plants dont get morning and early/mid afternoon sun.  Only late day and evening sun.  Which is why he took one of his sad looking plants and put it next to mine hoping the sun would do it good.  I have no idea what it is.

Sad Jeff Plant

In knitting news, I totally caved.  I got some yarn and started the Palmoa top from French Girl Knits.  It was so rainy and I wanted sunny weather so badly.  And, um, well, seed stitch was getting really freaking old.

Paloma top 1

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  1. Samer says:

    All those plants in front of your place — how wonderful!

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