I called my parents last night because there was something I wanted to ask them for.  This doesnt happen often and it’s not what you may think.  The Sock Summit is in August, right after my birthday.  Registration is supposed to open sometime later this month.  I’d like to take 3, 3 hour classes at 70$ each, and asked if they’d pay for it as my birthday gift.  They usually send money anyway.  They said if that’s what I’m into and what I want they’ll do it. My Mom sounded like she thought it was weird, Dad’s attitude was “okay, whatever.  The socks you made for your Mom were really neat”

They are not often so agreeable.  So, um, Yea!  I have a list of classes I’d ike to take and some alternates if the classes I’d like get full before I can register.  There are some 1 hour classes on the list too, just in case.

In other knitting news, the Palmoa top got completely frogged yesterday.  For some reason I had trouble counting to 5 and 7 and thought my shoulders were going to start at the elbows.  At least yarn is forgiving, not like sewing.

More dirt tonight, more dirt tomorrow (I can only carry one bag at a time on the bus) and the rest of the garden goes in tomorrow.  Two tomatoes, hot pepper, green beans, and maybe some more sunflowers.

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