Service Announcement

There has been a big upheaval in my personal life this week, so blogging is going to be sporadic for a little while.  Sorry, I’m not in much of a place to go into details right now.  I still have a job, a place to live, the naughty cat, and the garden.  Some changes are for the worse, some are for the better.  This change falls into the latter category.  It is definitely a change for the better but, with all big changes, until things sort themselves out and get back in place again, it’s stressful. 

No pictures for a while unless I can borrow a camera. 

M. took me out last night for some much needed talk and drinks.  I’ve known M. as long as I’ve known Donna, I met him through Donna.  He and her husband at the time were in some of the same classes in college.  M. is my gay boyfriend.

We’ve been asked if we’re brother and sister (you’ll see why in the picture.  That’ll have to be later, when I have my own computer.  The one at work is being dumb) and right now, he’s being a big brother for me.  Sometimes it’s nice to have an older brother.  Last night we went to Crush for drinks and Skip-Bo. 

Saturday I leave for the beach to get some much needed quality time with Donna.  She may not be my biological Mom, but right now, I couldnt ask for more.  Work gave me Tuesday off (I work with some really awesome and understanding people) I may not be back till then.  Unless I can borrow a camera to take some photos.  The coast here is wonderful.

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2 Responses to Service Announcement

  1. JulieT says:

    Oh boy. Sounds like major changes. Hope you weather it well. If you need to cut loose and complain to someone, I’m just an e-mail away. Hang in there.

  2. bells says:

    Hope you’re ok – or that you will be!

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