A Prius is not a regular car

It’s been a rough week in my personal life.  But today, is a need to know if any of you ever drive a Prius.

The law firm has their own car (how nice is that).  They have either a 2008 or 2009 Prius.  I drove it for the first time a couple of months ago and get to drive it again tomorrow.  I dont have a car and rarely drive so driving can be a bit of a harrowing experience, especially if there is a lot of traffic.  Thankfully, I’m taking it at 10 tomorrow morning so there shouldnt be too much traffic in town.

Now, a Prius is not like a regular car.  First off, there is no key.  Yup, you heard me right.  There.  Is.  No.  Key.  There is a fob you stick in the dashboard.  The fob just sits there.  You cant turn it.  There is a power button on the dashboard.  Push it twice to turn the car on.  The shifter to take the car out of park and put it in drive is not where you think it would be.  Where you think it would be is actually the windshield wiper control.  To the right of the steering wheel is a knob that has drive, reverse, and neutral.  Park is not an option.  To put the car in park you have to find the button with the big “P”.  Right now, I dont remember where it is.  It’s somewhere on the dash.  Maybe tomorrow, after my morning driving experience, I’ll let you know where it is.

The car makes no noise when you start it.  The last time I drove it, I sat in the car for a couple of minutes because I didnt know if it was on.  Seriously, it’s that quiet.  Once you push the power button twice, it does turn the car on and it is ready to drive.  All the lights on the dash come on, the radio comes on, and the display screen comes on.  The display screen is kind of neat.  There is a camera in the back of the car.  When you back up it shows what is behind you on the screen.  I’m 5’2″.  This is good for me because sometimes I have a hard time seeing over the back seat and out the window.

This car, surprisingly, has a lot of get up and go.  If you press on the gas, the car does respond.  I’ve only owned 2 cars.  A 1985 Honda Civic, and a 1990 Toyota Tercel.  Neither of these had much get up and go.  The Civic had a lot of personality.  She loved jazz and hated Tool.  Hawkeye was driving her (he always drove her hard.  She was an old girl), listening to Tool.  I had a cd player installed in the car where the face would flip up.  The cd started skipping then the face flipped up and wouldnt come out.  It was several minutes before the face came down and the cd came out.  She wasn’t happy with his selection of music.  Her name was Beulah and I’ll have to do a post about her.  The Prius does not have a personality or a gender.  I dont think it’s old enough.  Anyway, the Prius does have a lot of get up and go, and responds well with little pressure on the gas pedal.

So there you have it.  If you ever drive a Prius, just remember it’s not like a regular car.  And remembering these simple tips will make a professional out of you.

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One Response to A Prius is not a regular car

  1. stoneyface says:

    even tho beulla did not like my music, she was the best damn car that was ever bought for $600! and i did not drive her hard. she liked to go fast once in a while, i just obliged her! 😛

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