City Wildlife

I rode my bike to and from work yesterday.  I’m pretty lucky to live in a city that is so bicycle friendly.  We have the Springwater Corridor which pretty much allows me to go from home to work and not have to deal with cars.

You guys are not going to believe this.

Yesterday, on my way home, I saw a guy who was probably about middle age, overweight, also riding a bike.  He was wearing a grey t-shirt that he had pulled up to his collarbone.

He was wearing a bright pink satin bra that looked like it was stretched across his chest pretty tight.  He was touching the cups as I rode past him.

I wish I had a camera so I could have taken his picture.  I’ll probably never see anything like that, except maybe in a campy drag show, again.

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One Response to City Wildlife

  1. bells says:

    that sounds freaky!

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