Garden Update

I realized it’s been a while since I gave an update on my little garden.  I know, pride goes before the fall, but I am proud of my plants, especially the tomatoes.  The broccoli was kind of a bust.  I got lots of leaves, but they got decimated by cabbage loopers.  The heads?  Well, see for yourself

Broccoli Bust

That’s my finger for scale.  The head will not get much bigger than that.  I was hoping I’d get something I could sink my teeth into.  That was not to be.  I’m not saying it’s not good.  It’s got a nice peppery taste, it’s just not something I can make pasta with or make a nice salad out of.  Calabrese Green Sprouting broccoli will not be in the fall garden.

The tomatoes?  I’m much happier about the tomatoes.  Sorry there are only pictures of two kinds.  The picture of the third was blurry and it’s nearly dark now, too dark to retake it.

Tig and GZ Tomato

Tig Tomato Blossoms

Tomato Blossom

May lightning or hail not strike them dead, I do have a lot of pride in those.  I grew them from seed and although one of them almost died before replanting, they both seem to be doing well.  All three are doing well actually.  Jeff, my neighbour across the courtyard, is having another go this year at growing tomatoes.  He picked his up from somewhere, and well, he’s jealous.

Jeff Sad Tomato

Jeff Tomato

He does have a tomato which is more than I have.  The way his plant looks, it may be the only one he gets.  I know I shouldnt boast or take glee in my accidental tomato growing prowess, but, (there’s always a but) I am pretty damn proud of my tomatoes.  Hopefully, there will be enough to blanch and freeze for the winter.  Here are some of the rest: Beans, lavender, lettuce (aka dinner tomorrow), morning glories, lemon cuke, peppers (the peppers have flowers!) basil, dill, fennel, beets, and carrots

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2 Responses to Garden Update

  1. stoneyface says:

    heya babe, your pics aren’t showing 😦 i get 404 not found when i copy/paste the pic addys

  2. stoneyface says:

    okay weird, now a couple are showing up. but not the others still. the bottom ones were always there

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