FO: Paloma Top

I’m so happy with the way this top turned out. I did a bang up job.  I was skeptical until after it was blocked.  When it came out of the washer “poof!” it was pretty.  I used Euroflax from Louet.  It’s a machine washable/dryable linen.  Not feeling the dry cleaning thing so much.  The pattern was very straight forward, yea for clear instructions.  There is minimal shaping.  Instead of lots of shaping rows, shaping is achieved by using different size needles and increases/decreases in the lace patterns.  Knit from the top down, it was easy to try on for length.  I didnt really make any modifications to the pattern, the only thing I did was leave out some of the lace repeats in the middle and bottom.  I’m short with a short torso and didnt need an extra 24-32 rows.

I would knit this top again in another colour.

The pattern taught me a lot about the way I knit and how to translate directions from English/Continental to Eastern Combined.  For example: K2TBL means SSK in Eastern Combined.  SSK twists the stitch and the stitch lean the same way as K2TBL.  At least it does if you knit through the back loop to begin with.  I learned more about lace, the magic of lace blocking, and how important a loose bind off is.  I had to tink the original because it was too tight.  The linen drapes beautifully and will get softer with each washing.  And, most importantly, I learned how to count to 5 and 7.  Knitting tops in the round freaking rocks.  I learned a couple of new lace patterns, my new fav is the scallop pattern on the bottom.  It would make nice skirt edging or scarf.  This is my new favourite summer top.  I cant wait to wear it again.

A guy at work says knitting is for Grandma’s, that I’m too young to knit.  Today, when I saw him, I got to say “Knitting is not for Grandma’s.  I knit this top and it is not for Grandma’s.”  he conceded.  Not something that happens often with this boy.

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2 Responses to FO: Paloma Top

  1. bells says:

    oh I didn’t realise that about K2TBL and SSK. How interesting!

    It’s gorgeous and it’s definitely not for Grandmas.

  2. Rodger says:

    Aww, you look so pretty in it!

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