The Slug final solution . . . Beer!

Simple, economical, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly beer is the final solution for slugs.  My Mom put out bowls of cheap beer for slugs in her garden.  Jeff (the neighbour across the courtyard with trees and a sad tomato) was having slug problems last year.  I suggested he use beer and he never looked back. 

Slugs seem to prefer some plants over others.  They  love poppies.  Jeff puts a little cup of beer in his poppy pot and the little s.o.b’s dive right in.  He does help some of them along, tipping them over the side into the beer with his little bamboo stick.  His own version of slug assisted suicide.

Slugs love beer.  I dont know why, but they do.  They will creep and crawl into the beer completely unaware that by giving into the sin of  temptation they will meet their doom.  Some days it looks like slug night at the local pub.  Expensive beer is not necessary.  Slugs like PBR, at least that’s what Jeff uses.  The only thing is that you have to put out fresh beer every day, preferably in the late afternoon/early evening.  Slugs come out at night and in the early morning.

There you have it folks.  Simple, affordable, economical.  Save your plants from certain destruction.  The slug final solution.  Cheap beer.

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One Response to The Slug final solution . . . Beer!

  1. hawkeye says:

    “slug assisted suicide”


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