Curious about the outside world?

I dont have a TV.  All the news I get is from the Internet (it’s a series of tubes you know).  Which, I guess is good because the regualr cable TV news hasnt done a lot of reporting on the Iranian Elections.  I spent a good amount of time yesterday reading about the Iranian elections.  Some are saying it’s a coup by the military or a coup by President Ahmadinejad his paramilitary backers, or a coup by some of the ruling clerics.  If you want a much more well informed opinion than mine, please check out the following

Andrew Sullivan, here’s an interview with Iran’s ex-foreign minister, Juan Cole (Juan Cole speaks Arabic and Persian.  He’s a professor at the University of Michigan.  From his wikipedia page: John “Juan” Ricardo I. Cole (born October 1952 in Albuquerque, New Mexico) is an American scholar, public intellectual, and historian of modern Middle Eastern and South Asian history.[1][2][3] He is Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan. As a commentator on Middle Eastern affairs, he has appeared in print and on television, and testified before the United States Senate. He has published several peer-reviewed books on the modern Middle East and is a translator of both Arabic and Persian. Since 2002, he has written a weblog, Informed Comment.)  Juan Cole knows his shit.

You can also check out the NY Times, The Guardian, BBC, and Talking Points Memo

I’m off to Pride today.  It’s overcast but doesnt seem like it’s going to rain.  Maybe I’ll have some absolutely fabulous pictures later.

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One Response to Curious about the outside world?

  1. hawkeye says:

    the webiste is good. i love the write up about the “Drag race” lol

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