Saturday Afternoon

Things are taking off here.  There are going to be tomatoes coming out my ears!  I’m thinking of things I can do with them like: freeze for pizza/spaghetti sauce and soup, make catsup (how cool would green catsup be, or orange), make chutney, and of course eat lots of them.


Tigerella Tomato plantTigerella TomatoLil Stripey

The Green Zebra

27Green Zebra BlossomGZ Tomato

And the Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge (yup, that’s the whole name)

OP TomatoOP Tomato Plant

Other veggies that go with tomatoes are taking off too

BasilSweet Pepper flowerLemon Cuke 2Lemon Cuke

For scale,

Pruning Tomato

Yes, the tomatoes are almost as tall as I am.

It was a perfect Saturday.  Sunny, warm, not too hot.  Pruning and picking at the plants.  A bike ride in the afternoon.  I did some knitting in the morning.  I started the Shipwreck shawl from Knitty about a week ago.  Webs was having a sale on Misti Alpaca lace (it was overstock), for 4$ and change a ball, I just couldnt pass it up.  It doesnt look like much.  It looks like a big blue blob and will continue to look like a big blue blob, getting a little bigger and blobbier every day.  No beads though.  I’m too lazy to fiddle with beads.

In other news, I found out Hawkeye is going to be here for my birthday.  He’s coming from Iowa to visit for about a month and will be here at the end of July.  Some of his friends want to go on a camping trip and originally scheduled it for the 31st.  He said he couldnt go that weekend because it’s my birthday and he wanted to hang out with me.  I would never have asked or expected him to do that.  It was one of the nicest things that happened last week.  I have no idea what we’re going to do.  It’s still a month away.  Long enough to figure something out.

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