Sorry for the lack of updates.  I wish I could say I’ve been busy doing something exciting like taking an unexpected trip to Hawaii, winning a free, all expenses paid trip for a week to Paris, but no, nothing so exciting.  There has been some job anxiety this week which has been very distracting and the shawl and I are not exactly getting along.  For every two rows I knit it seems like one gets tinked out.

And, it’s been so hot the last few days I havent wanted to do anything.  I shouldnt complain.  I know what hot is.  I know what it’s like when it’s 98 degrees with 98% humidity.  For Oregon, it’s been hot.  The last 4 days it’s been 97 or so.  Yesterday was the worst.  It’d been so hot for so long it felt like it was 90 degrees at 10AM.  Good for the plants, (I swear the cucumber grew about a foot) not so much for me.  I was cranky, grouchy, and all around no fun.  Today, finally, the heat broke.  Yea!

Claire got a haircut on Wednesday.  She looks ridiculous!  She went from having enough hair for 3 cats to being almost completely bald.  The only kind of cut available for a cat is a lion cut.  Now she has hair around her face, on the tip of her tail, and from her mid-leg down to her paws.  There are before pictures.  Since it’s not so hot, there will soon be after pictures.  It might give you all a good laugh.  I laughed when I saw her.

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1 Response to Oops

  1. hawkeye says:

    i have been anxiously awaiting claire pics!!!

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