No, we had air conditioning

It’s finally starting to cool off here.  Yea!

Friday was my birthday.  It’s been a pretty good weekend.  I took the day off because my Dad says that you shouldnt have to work on your birthday.  I went to see The Stolen Sweets that night.  The band was fun and there was a burlesque show.  I’ve never seen a burlesque show before but I’d go again.  It was a lot of fun.  It wasnt sleazy, but fun naughty.  This isnt from Friday’s show, but it is the Stolen Sweets with a couple of the same performers from Friday.

Yes, I was hooting and hollering along with everyone else.  It was too much fun.  The Stolen Sweets have an upcoming free show next month.  They would be fun to see again.  Hawkeye asked if I ever thought I was born at the wrong time because old time jazz is one of my favourite styles of music.

He and I got together yesterday and hung out together.  We went to Oaks Park and rode bumper cars and go carts, then to Sweet pea Bakery.  He’s not supposed to have dairy so an all vegan bakery worked out for the two of us.  After that he took me out for a beer.  By that time, after all the walking and heat, I was worn out.  We parted ways and I relaxed at home.  He knows I like Jack Kerouac so when he found an audio play of “Dr. Sax and the Great World Snake” at Goodwill for  3$ he picked it up for me.

My folks paid for my classes at the Sock Summit next week.  When I told my Mom that was what I wanted from them for my birthday she sounded like she thought it was weird, but they did oblige.

Talking to her Thursday was fun.  I wondered if she had been miserable the last month of her pregnancy.  It’s July in Iowa which normally means (except this year) 98 degrees and 98% humidity.  She said it wasnt too bad.  The house they bought had A/C so she wasnt miserable.  I told her that I had wanted to ask her if there was any part of her that wanted to rip Dad’s penis off and beat him with it because she was so miserable.  She said “No, we had air conditioning.  It wasnt too bad.  Besides when it’s your first everything is new and you dont know what to expect.”

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