It’s official, it’s Monday

Thank God for small favours, like keys and paper towels. 

I checked my bag after getting to work and found out I forgot my badge.  We have key cards that allow access to certain floors and in certain doors.  The door I have to go through to get to my desk is one of those.  Thankfully, I had my keys.  Those are needed to unlock the bike so I can pedal to work.

Unfortunately, without my key card I cant get to the womens shower.  But, there is a bathroom with outlets on my floor.  The kitchen has lots of paper towels.  Fully equipped, I managed to make coffee and fix my hair.  No, there was no coffee in the bathroom although it might be a good experiment.

And, it’s official.  I’m going to the great state of Iowa in October.  Dad’s 60th birthday is the 24th.  Five days of crazy making.  My parents bicker a lot on their own.  When my brother gets involved he ramps the two of them up and between the 3 of them it’s a bit like “Itchy and Scratchy”.  Hawkeye is going to loan me his french press and electric kettle.  Yea! Real coffee.  And, if I need it, I can call and he’ll come, in his Ford Bronco with skull details, and rescue me.  Yea for that too.  Dad’s getting two pairs of socks and Great-Grandma’s German Chocolate cake.  For all their bickering (last Thanksgiving they were bickering over the phone about gravy) they’re looking forward to the visit.  Dad really wants to take me for a trip on his motorcycle.

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