Unusual Feelings

In 2 and 1/2 weeks my Dad turns 60.   I’m flying to Iowa to visit, because you only turn 60 once.  It’s a milestone in life.  I understand that any birthday only happens once in your life.

But, it’s 60!

It’s the guy who jumped in the river for his sunglasses fell off.  Didnt even think about twice about it.  He shared a 6 pack of Bud Light with the dog one night after work.  Doused the grill with lighter fluid because he didnt want to clean it, made hamburgers on it that tasted like lighter fluid, no one could eat them so he fed them to the dog.  The dog had no problem.  One camping trip he was making marshmallow sticks for my brother and I with the knife he used to filet fish.  He was cutting toward himself and as soon as he noticed said “I shouldnt be cutting toward myself” sliced his thumb.  Mom had to take him to the hospital so he could get stitches.

He’ll be 60 on the 24th.

He and I havent always gotten along.  We’ve had a really rocky relationship.  When I would visit them he was the one I would dread seeing.

Something happened to him a few years ago that changed him.  He was on jury duty and had an experience that changed him.  It changed him for the better.  I cant explain it any other way.  Since then, our relationship has changed too.  He’s become fun to talk to.  I think he is trying to be the Dad he couldnt be when I was growing up.  It’s a boon.   I’m not usually looking forward to seeing him.  This time I am.

It feels very wierd.  It’s still new and I’m not quite sure what to make of it.  I am grateful though.  We are talking about the same man who, after all, would eat limburger cheese with me as a kid.

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One Response to Unusual Feelings

  1. hawkeye says:

    ummmmmmm cheeeeeeseeeeee….

    i miss cheeeeeese gromit!

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