Hi, I’m still here


It’s been a long absence.  I was dealing with a lot of man drama, man drama that went on for far too long.  Now he’s gone and it’s just Claire and I.  He’s been gone for a week and life is much less stressful.

Emms asked for a guest post over at Loumms on growing Lemon Cucumbers in a container.  I was more than happy to oblige.  Growing cucumbers last summer was fun and even though they didnt get as much food as they should have I still got 2 large mason jars full of cucumbers, gaspacho, and cucumbers to eat.

I have all kinds of plans for my garden this spring/summer.  I have seeds for kale and rainbow chard!  Because it doesnt freeze here (at least not often) I can start them inside in a couple of weeks and in a month they’ll be ready to go outside.  Chard and kale have become my new favourite leafy greens, right next to spinach and arugula.  There are new tomatoes to grow, different kinds of flowers (I am keeping the Heavenly Blues.  They’re my favourite), summer squash, spinach, herbs, peppers, and a new cucumber.  Richmond Green Apple.  They’re about the same size and shape as lemon cukes but they are green.

In knitting news I finished Emms Courtline Socks.  They’re Hawkeye’s belated Christmas gift.  He was so good to me during my man drama I wanted to do something nice for him.  He asked for socks for Christmas and after all he’s done for me, I thought it was only appropriate.  I knitted them out of a Zauberball that came in shades of cream, brown, grey, and black.  Unfortunately, the camera went with the man who was causing the drama, you’ll have to make do with a crappy picture from the camera in my laptop. 

Knitting these socks was a challenge.  For the first time, I almost succumbed to second sock syndrome.  After knitting teeny, tiny, cables for 14 inches, you might succumb to second sock syndrome too, but I preserved.  Because he was so good (he said I could call him anytime, even 2AM and he’d answer the phone.  he also said that if he was in Oregon he’d’ve already come to my place and make the man leave) he’s also getting some coffee and home made granola.  I’m blessed.  Not many girls can say they are grateful for their ex-husbands.

I’ m off to the coast tomorrow for some much needed R&R with Donna who says I’m not her ex-anything, that I am her daughter.  No doubt she’ll ply me with wine, food, and talking.  She has a huge jacuzzi style tub, I’m sooooo looking forward to a long hot bath.  She said something about thrift store shopping and a rummage sale.

M will be visiting next weekend and we’re going to do some redecorating in my apartment.  Nothing says “MY SPACE” like some redecorating.  I’ll see if I can get him to bring his camera for some before/after pictures.

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