The pictures are rather craptacular, but here the Court Line Socks

I knit them out of a Zauberball and still have a tiny amount of yarn left over.  Who knows, maybe someday, I’ll knit a sock yarn blanket out of all the leftovers.  I now have the wonderful pleasure of zen knitting!  Just plain stockinette with a Featherweight Cardigan (rav link).  It’s being knit in some lovely Malabrigo lace in Pagoda.  Normally I’m not a fan of red, but this red was too good to pass up.

Maybe, by the time it’s finished I’ll have my very own digital camera and will have pictures to show you all.

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One Response to Socks!

  1. bellsknits says:

    zauberball is so good. It makes amazing socks!

    I’m going to try featherweight some time. It’s gorgeous.

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