Back from the beach

Even though I didnt want to, I came back from the beach yesterday.  Donna especially, her boyfriend Don, and one of their friends Joe, are like my family.  In some ways, Donna is more like my Mom than my own Mother.  Which is what it is I suppose. 

They live along the Nehalem Bay on the Oregon Coast

Beautiful isnt it?  Right now, because it’s rained so much, you can barely see the islands in the first picture.  Being at the coast is very relaxing, even when it’s raining.  Time moves much more slowly than in the city, and overall, it’s a more laid back atmosphere.  Oh, and before anyone asks, no I did not take any of those pictures.

Since Donna is like my Mom we talked, went to some thrift stores, drank wine, and it sounds like she’s going to teach me how to can this summer.  I have, on loan, Putting Food By and the Ball Canning Book

All I can say is “Holy Cow!” I had no idea you could can so many different things. 

When I was little,  my Mom used to can.  I dont remember much about her canning other than that it always seemed like she canned on the hottest day of the year.  She would can meat, beans, carrots, tomatoes, ketchup, apples, and pears.  Every summer without fail, on the hottest most humid day of the year, she’d be in the kitchen with the door closed boiling water for canning.

I’m excited to learn a new skill, especially one that makes me more self sufficient.  Last summer I made refrigerator “Bread and Butter” pickles and refrigerator jam out of plums I got for free.  Hopefully this summer my garden will produce enough produce for me to put some things away like tomatoes, beans (hot and pickled please!), summer squash, along with hot and sweet pickles.  I will, I found out, have to buy a pressure cooker, because not all foods can be canned in a hot water bath.  Some foods like tomatoes and beans need to be canned in a pressure cooker because a hot water bath does not get hot enough to kill all the bacteria and enzymes present that can spoil the food.  No one wants to eat spoiled food right?

Things are pretty quiet at Chateau Walter.  It’s very wet which is to be expected for winter in Oregon and we’re supposed to get a wind storm tomorrow.  Lets all keep our fingers crossed that my power does not go out.

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One Response to Back from the beach

  1. bellsknits says:

    canning sounds like tremendous fun. I’ve never done it and one day would like to. I’ve made real jam, but not the fridge variety, which I think sounds like something I have to try.

    Those photos! Oregon looks beautiful.

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