90 minutes and I’m still alive!

In my quest this year to find healing and to learn new ways to deal with stress I took a Bikram Yoga class last night.  Bikram yoga is not like regular yoga.  The classroom is heated to 95-100 degrees and class is 90 minutes.  Yup, that’s 90 minutes in 95+ degree heat.  Thankfully, it’s not all that humid. 

In order to make it through class the mind cannot wander or even think about how hot it is.  As soon as I started to think about it I thought I was going to pass out.  I had to focus my mind on keeping balanced, breathing, and what I was doing.  If I hadnt there is no way I could have made it through class.

I did my best to do all the poses.  There was only one I couldnt do and it’s the one that’s supposed to help open your heart chakra, where emotions are held.  This is no big surprise and in time the pose will come.  I feel pretty good today.  The biggest difference is that my hips feel more aligned and open.  Hopefully that makes sense.  I learned a couple of things too: that I am stronger physically than I give myself credit for, my body has sweat glands in places I didnt know had sweat glands, and if properly hydrated the body can certainly sweat a whole hell of a lot without passing out.

It’s definitely not something I could do every day but once a week is certainly do-able.  Next Thursday should be easier.

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