You mean to tell me the week isnt over?!

Seriously, it’s only Thursday?  God Damn It! I need it to be Saturday.  I’d settle for 5:43PM Friday night.

Work has been crazy busy.  I’m part of the support staff for a law firm.  What that means for me is that I’m trained to do a lot of different jobs (mail, hospitality, reception, copy girl, gopher, plus my own job) and have other miscellaneous tasks when I’m not busy.  Since Tuesday (Monday was a holiday for us.  Yea perks!) I’ve had to do each of the other jobs I’m trained to do save one.  Please, oh please Universe, do not make tomorrow be the day I have to slave away making copies for picky attorney’s!  It has been busy this week and I’ve had to cover for 3 people who have been out for various reasons.  I’ve barely had time to sit at my desk and eat lunch.

Being busy makes the day and week go by fast.  That being said, I’m ready for Friday.  Or as one of my co-workers calls it “The Holy Work Sabbath”

Last Friday I paid for my brand new bed that no one has slept in before.  When I bought it I was told that they were getting a shipment in this week that would include the frame I want and it would be delivered either Tuesday or today.  The guy told me he’d set it up and take my old bed away.  Yeah, not so much.  Two-thirty PM today and no call.  When I called to find out what was going on I found out that they didnt get their shipment and I’m going to have to wait.  Maybe next week.  I’m not going to hold my breath.

Fuck.  I really want my new bed. Now that it’s paid for and I know it’s coming I cant wait for it to get here.  I guess it’s all for the best that it didnt come this week because there is absolutely no way I would have been able to get away from work early.  My boss would have looked at me and either her jaw would have dropped to the floor or she would have laughed or both.

Tomorrow is Friday.  Hopefully, it will be more mellow and maybe I’ll still have a butt at the end of the day.

Right now, I’m off to the store to buy beer, cream, and a few other things.  Beer is necessary.

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