Marking Territory

I got my new bed on Tuesday!  Each day since it’s been harder to get up and go to work but tomorrow is Saturday.  Saturday=no work=can stay in bed as long as I like. 

I bought a full size frame and mattress which, to be honest, is a big upgrade from a twin.  It feels like I have a huge bed all to myself.  Having never had a brand new bed before (brand new that no one has slept in or laid in before me) it’s been an exciting experience.  Tuesday night after laundry I laid in it and rolled around in it, rolled around under the covers, stood on it, and resisted a very strong urge to jump up and down on it.  The mattress doesnt have springs and it’s a futon frame.  Somehow, jumping up and down on it didnt seem like a very good idea. 

I have to admit, there is part of me that wants to pee on it.  Isnt that what animals do to mark their territory?

Having a bigger bed is nice because now there is more than enough room for Claire and I.  Now, when I roll over at night I dont get a face full of cat hair and Claire isnt trying to stick her butt in my face. 

Having the new bed also makes me feel like more of an adult.  It’s not a feeling that I can explain.  I’ve never had my own brand new bed, not since I was a kid and lived with my parents.  When I lived with Jim we had his bed.  When I got my own apartment I received a hand me down frame and mattress.  When C lived with me we used his bed. 

It feels very indulgent.  Even though I had a limited budget, I was able to pick out both the frame and mattress that I wanted.  A mattress that I felt was comfortable.  Trust me, it is.  It’s the kind where you sink  just a bit and then it’s firm but still extremely comfortable.  And a frame that I wanted and thought was cool.  The frame is high enough off the floor that I can get some under the bed storage containers.  Storage is important in a studio.

Getting rid of the old bed means that more old, negative energy, has left my space.  With everything I’ve been though in the last year, all the emotional turmoil and heartache, getting a fresh start and getting rid of things that have negative associations is important.  I think I spent more time in the last year sleeping on the sofa instead of the bed. 

Waking up without cat butt in my face is a bonus.  Sleeping at night, in my own bed (one that no one has slept in before me) is pretty cool.

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