Knit with confidence through any crisis

This is how my day started:

I got to work and about 7:30 my phone started ringing.  Now, normally, my phone doesnt ring at 7:30 AM, that in and of itself was odd.  When I saw it was my Mom I knew something was wrong.

My Dad had a heart attack this morning.

He was having a lot of pressure in his chest this morning.  Half jokingly my Mom asked if he was having a heart attack.  He said yes, she asked if she should call 911.  He said yes.  So she did.  The ambulance came and took him to the hospital.  One of his arteries was completely blocked and he had a stint put in.  One of my Aunts is a nurse and told my Mom they did everything they are supposed to do.  His doctor thinks he will only have minimal damage to his heart but they wont know for sure for a few days.  He’s in ICU and will be there through tomorrow.

I talked to him today.  He said one of the first things he asked his doctor was: “Am I still gonna be able to ride my motorcycle?”  He and that machine are attached at the hip.  I understand why he likes it though.

All things considered, it could have been a whole hell of a lot worse.  Even though it was a serious heart attack, so far, it sounds like he’s going to come out okay.  One thing about my Dad though is that he’s neglected his health for quite a while.  He’s probably a good 50 lbs, nearly 23 kilos overweight and he’s 60.  He stopped smoking just before coming to Oregon in early January.  He’s lucky only one of his arteries was blocked and that he didnt need a bypass.  He’ll be off work a few weeks and be on a restrictive diet.  Hopefully this will get him to take care of his health.

I do not have to pay out the ass for a flight to Iowa.  Fucking airlines, gouging people in times of crisis.

He had a life changing event a couple of years ago.  He was on jury duty, 11 women and him.  He was elected to be foreman of the jury.  It was a pretty gruesome case about a mentally ill brother who attempted to murder his sister.  Something about that case changed him for the better.  Even Hawkeye has noticed the change.

Maybe this will too.

When my manager came in I told her what was going on.  She hugged me while I cried and asked if she could pray for me and I said yes.  I’m not Christian.  The best I can do is agnostic.  But, I understand where she’s coming from.  It is no different from Hawkeye asking Grandfather to look out for my Dad.  It’s putting good energy into the Universe for him and there is nothing wrong with that.

I ended up leaving work early.  So, tonight, I have wine, chocolate, some smell good bath stuff, and a new sock I’ve started for myself.  That’s what Elizabeth Zimmerman said right?  Knit with confidence through any crisis.

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