I talked to my Dad today.  He sounded good and thinks he’ll be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.  He had an ultrasound on his heart yesterday and while the nurse couldnt say much, the little she did say sounded positive, no other arteries are blocked.  And, any damage to his heart should be minimal.

All of his brothers as well as his honorary brother came to visit him yesterday.  One of his brothers told him “Today is your birthday Stevie”

It’s true.  The situation could have been a whole hell of a lot worse.  Last weekend he and my brother were in Chicago for a car show.  Chicago is 3 hours away from where they live and there are long stretches of highway with nothing but cornfields.  Cornfields and teeny tiny farm towns.  Everyone who needed to be at the hospital for an emergency like this was there yesterday.  Something that doesnt always happen.  My Aunt who works as a nurse at the hospital thinks his doctor is good.  Who would know better than her right?

While it’s not a situation anyone wants to be in, he got damn lucky.  He’ll have to go on a diet which means giving up potato chips, bologna, and Captain Morgans.  But, he’ll still be able to ride his motorcycle and if he takes care of himself he’ll still live a long life.

He’ll have a prescription for nitro-glycerin too just in case he has more chest pain.  I have no idea how something that’s used for blowing up stumps works to help the heart but it does.  Explosives as medicine.  Probably not the first time.

I’m very relieved.  I’m glad it sounds like he’s going to be okay and I’m glad I dont have to go back there and try to be Superwoman.

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