If it’s wrong, I dont want to be right

My work has a company that picks up our mail from the post office and drops it off at the office.  Back in May they switched companies for a variety of reasons.  With the old company we were not getting all of our mail, they were expensive, they didnt want to do anything different to meet our needs, and frankly, the guy who did the delivery was a big cranky grouch.  Every day was awful and sometimes each new day was more awful than the day before.

Anyway, in May they hired a new company to pick up and drop off our mail. 

The new guy is younger, about my age, is pretty nice, and has a great ass. 

This and of itself I think is a good reason to keep him.  Some days, depending on the pants he wears, his butt looks better than others.  I look as often as I can get away with without being obvious or creepy.  He has a girlfriend.  I have to admit that there have been days where I want to make squeezing motions with my hands.  

Ladies, and men depending on your persuasion, take some time each day to appreciate the natural beauty that is around you.  You may just be surprised.

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