Best. Beer. Ever.

Sunday I was over at M’s for brunch, laundry, and cards.  Instead of going home, I stayed the night.  M twisted my arm by saying he’d put my laundry in his car, pick me up from work, and drop me off at home. 

Gay boyfriends who provide laundry service deserve a tip.  After dropping off my laundry we went to the pub around the corner where I can say with absolute sincerity that I had one of the best beers ever.

See this?  This is my happy beer face.

The beer is Black IPA from Hopworks right here in Portland.  That’s right, Black IPA.  It looks like a porter or a stout but has the same bite and citrusy smell as an IPA.  Sometimes IPA’s can be very hoppy but this combination really mellows out the harshness of the hops.  It is the best of both worlds. 

Two pints up!

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