Finally, Some Knitting

Because this blog is supposed to have some knitting content right?

This is what’s on my needles right now

It’s Azure from Knitty.  It’s knit from the toe up using Judy’s Magic Cast on.  Toe up socks used to cause me a lot of trouble, mostly because I convinced myself that I couldnt do it.  Sure, I tried a couple of times before, but it never ended well.  Frog pond, and dashed hope. This time I was much more determined.  If you have fear of toe up socks, Cat Bordhi has a great video on Judy’s Magic Cast On

Once i got the hang of it, I realized this is not so bad.  This is much easier than using a provisional cast on and short rows.  I hate short rows and this sock has a short row heel.  In my future I see a couple trips to my LYS.  If I can learn Judy’s Magic Cast On, I can conquer short rows.  Even if I feel like they are the bane of my knitting existence.

On a whole other topic, I get to take Claire to her most favourite place today . . . The Vet.  She hates going.  She meows in the most pathetic way.  How could a cat who has this much hair be anything other than dramatic.

Other than that, it’s supposed to be absolutely beautiful today.  Sunny and near 70.  It’s about time to transfer the kale to it’s permanent home now that it’s getting it’s second set of true leaves.  The spinach finally sprouted!  It’s time to plant tomato and pepper seeds too.  Maybe I’ll post some plant pictures later today.

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