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The furry beast is fine

Yesterday I took Claire to the vet to find out about the lump on her paw.  Dragging her out from under the bed, putting her in the carrier (she kept trying to dig/scratch her way out), getting us on the … Continue reading

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Claire had her check up a couple of weeks ago.  Other than being on the plump side she was okay.  A couple of days ago I noticed something on her left foot, just above the paw.  She has a growth … Continue reading

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It’s 4/20, or I heart Willie Nelson

It’s the 20th of April, or 4/20.  There are many reasons why I love Willie Nelson, but today, this seems the most appropriate.  My favourite bit is when Willie Nelson talks to Larry King about how to use a vaporizer.

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Sigh. It’s Monday Morning

It was spectacular over the weekend.  Warm (upper 60’s, 70), sunny, Saturday night it didnt get completely dark until about 8.  Saturday, I biked over to Trader Joe’s and the produce store next door.  After biking up many hills I get to … Continue reading

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Not Out of The Woods Yet

The Dow went above 11,000 earlier this week for the first time since 2008.  Today we find out that consumer spending rose in March.  Unemployment is holding steady.  Last month the we actually gained jobs.  Not enough to bring down … Continue reading

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English Weakness

This might make me a geek but I dont care.  There are some things about the English language that I love and have weakness for.  Onomatopoeia, palindromes, and today’s favourite alleritation.  This is one of the best, most clever uses … Continue reading

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Learning Curve

It’s been about 3 1/2 months since my Dad was here to help me out with my man issues and just as long since the man who was causing the issues has been gone. M came by this weekend and we … Continue reading

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