I have tomatoes!



Kale has quickly become one of my favourite greens.  This variety is Russian Red.  It’s loving the cool wet weather we’ve been having.  The peppers, not so much.  I had to replant the peppers because their seeds refused to sprout.  The window they were in had been open a crack on some cold nights.  That was no help to them whatsoever.  Peppers are native to Mexico after all.  They like hot weather.

Both the spinach and chard have come up but they are not doing as well as the kale.  The lavender is waking up too.  It’s starting to get new green leaves.  I’ll be ready to re-pot it soon.

It’s supposed to be rainy, windy, and stormy again tonight.  That’s one thing about living so close to the Great Weather Machine.  Good thing the windows are closed tonight.  Maybe this time the peppers will sprout.

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