Sigh. It’s Monday Morning

It was spectacular over the weekend.  Warm (upper 60’s, 70), sunny, Saturday night it didnt get completely dark until about 8.  Saturday, I biked over to Trader Joe’s and the produce store next door.  After biking up many hills I get to my destination only to find out I forgot to put the lock back on my bike.  D’oh!  

At least going home is mostly downhill on my favourite hill in Portland.  It’s long and steep enough that once you get going you dont have to pedal for about a mile.  Saturday night I took myself out for a date.  Sushi, ice cream, and a good long walk through one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Portland, Ladds Addition.  None of the blocks are square, they are more trapezoid shaped with circles here and there.  In the middle of all this organized chaos is a coffee shop. 

Ladds Addition map

Yesterday, I made a rather more successful trip to Trader Joe’s on my bike.  Remembered my lock this time!  Mission accomplished.  And a good reason to blow off laundry. 

Because it was so nice, I planted some parsley seeds, trimmed the oregano and lavender, put the tomatoes and peppers outside to get some sun.  Only one of my peppers has sprouted.  I’m starting to wonder if I got bum seeds.  Bachelor buttons sprouted! 

Have any of you ever planted in galvanized metal tubs?  I’m thinking of buying a few from the hardware store next week, drilling out some holes in the bottom, filling them with dirt, and putting spinach, chard, beans,and marigolds in one, bachelor buttons, cosmos, and sunflower in another.  If you’ve done this and had success or failure, leave me a note or drop me a line and let me know.  Your input will be much appreciated. 

After all the sun, it’s now back to your regularly scheduled rain.

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