Claire had her check up a couple of weeks ago.  Other than being on the plump side she was okay.  A couple of days ago I noticed something on her left foot, just above the paw. 

She has a growth on her paw that looks like a big mole.  It’s grey, the same colour as her skin and hair.  It doesnt seem to be giving her any trouble.  She doesnt bite, lick, or otherwise worry at it.  God only knows how long it has been there.  She has enough hair for 3 cats.

We’re off to the vet tomorrow after work to see what is what.  I hope it’s nothing.  For all the hairballs she pukes up on the bed right after I’ve done laundry, and as much as she drives me crazy, I’d be really upset if something was wrong with her.  It’s been the two of us for years.  She’s my best girl.  She’s the one who rubs her face on my face early on weekend mornings.

Think good thoughts.

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