The furry beast is fine

Yesterday I took Claire to the vet to find out about the lump on her paw.  Dragging her out from under the bed, putting her in the carrier (she kept trying to dig/scratch her way out), getting us on the bus, and finally to the vet, was an adventure. 

Her weight has come down a little and the vet thinks the lump on her paw is a sebaceous gland that has gotten a cyst.  He said they could take it off with a laser in about 5 minutes if she was sedated.  The way he explained it, it sounded pretty cool.  She wouldnt need any stitches, it wouldnt be too painful, and because it is a laser it would cauterize the wound as it went along.  He said if she was sedated they could clean her teeth too.  Cost?  About 300$!  Yikes.

I have the money, but since it’s not an emergency I’ll wait a few months.  She went to the vet yesterday, she went to the vet a couple of weeks ago, she’s going to need a haircut before too long.  Since there in an 83% chance she is trying to kill me, I’d rather not make her too pissed all at once.

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