After a beautiful weekend last week, sunny, 75ish, no little humidity, True to form Oregon turned absolutely craptacular again.  It’s rainy and about 55.  Ugh.  I havent been able to get my plants out yet because it’s been too cold.  My tomatoes are getting big and have to go out soon.

There are two things about living in Oregon weather that are always true:

It always rains during Rose Fest


Summer doesnt come until after the 4th of July.

I didnt believe the second one until I lived here for a while.  It’s true.  Sure, there are some nice days, it might be nice for a week or longer, but then it will get crappy, cold, and it’ll rain.  After the 4th it’ll stay nice.  Even so, it gets old after a while.

This totally made me laugh today.

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