A perfect lesson: I knit so I dont kill people

Yesterday, on my way home from work and an appointment, I lost my phone.  This is the very first time this has ever happened to me.  I’ve had a cell phone for 6 years and never once have I misplaced it or left it on the bus.

There is a first time for everything.

I had my phone when I got on the bus, but not after I got off at 6:20 or so last night.  When I got home, I tried to get online customer service from Sprint.  That didnt work.  I got myself back on the bus, and went to the mall to try to have service stopped on my phone and get a replacement.  I wasnt going to ask for anything fancy, just the same phone I had before.  That’s what I have insurance for right?

Not so much.

I’m already agitated by this point and trying not to flip out or have too many paranoid melodramatic thoughts like: Is someone making a bunch of 900 porn calls on my phone?  Is someone making a huge drug deal using my phone, only to be caught by the Feds?

Because I’m agitated, I’m knitting like a furious fiend.

The punk ass high school kid behind the counter was absolutely no help.  It’s one of the absolute worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had.  He said I had to file an insurance claim and if my claim was approved I’d get a replacement phone.  When I asked how long it would take, he talked to me in a very condescending tone, and told me to call the claim #.  Nothing pushes my buttons faster than being talked to in a condescending tone.

I looked at him and said “How can I call the # when I dont have a phone?!”

Did I mention he was talking on the phone the whole time?  This is a store full of phones and he couldnt offer another phone for me to make a call?!  I waited for his punk ass to get off the phone for more than a half an hour?!

All I could think about while I was furiously knitting away was how glad he should be that I had string so I didnt stick my sticks in some of his more sensitive squishy areas.  Well, that and re-enacting the shower scene from Psycho.  How well do you think bamboo knitting needles would hold up?

I left the mall (where I loathe going anyway) frustrated, empty handed, without receiving any help whatsoever. 

As I waited in the rain, under the bus shelter, to go home, I chatted with a girl who was intrigued about my furious knitting.  She looked fairly young.  Every other word out of her mouth was “like”, “you know”, or “Oh my God”.  She thought Chicago was by New York and had no idea where New Zealand was. 

If children are indeed our future, we are going to hell in a handbasket.

Fortunately for yours truly, my phone was turned into lost and found.  Hurray!  Hopefully picking it up this afternoon will not be a cluster of an adventure.

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