Randomness and Rain

As of last Wednesday, it had rained every day for 19 days straight.  I’m not fucking kidding.

I took this last Thursday, the 20th day of rain in a row.  Yes, it’s June and it rained every day for 20 days in a row.  No, it didnt rain all day every day, but it rained a lot.  Even for Oregon it’s a lot.  Last Friday, the sun came out in the afternoon, Saturday was beautifully sunny.  I’d nearly forgotten what the sun looked like!  Sunday, it freaking poured in the morning!  Monday afternoon was beautifully sunny.  Yesterday and today, it’s been rain, rain, rain.

I got so desperate at one point I asked Hawkeye to do a sunny day dance for me.  He’s about a quarter Lakota Sioux and follows the Native American shamanic spiritual path.  I figured he’s gotta have some influence in the Greater Universe.  Not so much.

In knitting, I have a secret project at the moment.  The Universe gave a friend of mine a huge, wonderful, gift.  Then immediately crapped on him.  It’s a cheer you up gift, something he’s asked for.  Pride is next weekend.  I’ll see him then.  His smile will be totally worth it.

I’m still taking Bikram Yoga, once a week, every week.  It’ll be twice a week starting next week.  I really like it.  At first, I wasnt sure because the room is 105-110 degrees!  I cant do all the poses yet, not tomorrow, but maybe someday.  Bikram yoga has been good for me.  I feel more calm and relaxed.  What I notice most is that I dont feel as self-conscious about my body.  It’s a feeling I’ve carried for far too long.  Learning to let that feeling go is refreshing.

Fate threw in a bit of random weirdness at work today.  Our UPS guy dropped off a HUGE box today.  It nearly came up to my chest!  Okay, I’m only 5’2″ & 1/2, but it was still a big box.  Wide enough to just barely fit through the door.  No name on the label, looks like it might have been shipped from one of the other firms in San Francisco.  I called one of our I.T. guys.  Usually, they are the culprit.  Nope.  S came up to check it out, teased me about how he could fit me in the box and ship me somewhere, and said it wasnt his.  It’s a mystery.  S, being ever so much more clever than I, figured out who it was for.   It belonged to one of our attorney’s.  He called the # on the label.  D’oh!.  After teasing me more, he told me who it was for.  I delivered it and he asked if I wanted to know what was in it.  I’d been asked several times if I knew what the hell was in it.  So, I said sure.

It had hooves.  It was an animatronic horse.  I am not joking.  It was a little robotic horse that walked, moved it’s ears, and neighed.

This is not something you see every day.

It’s for his grandkids.  They already have an electronic horse they can ride on.  This one is it’s foal, and he got a good deal.  It cost more to ship than to buy.

I get it though.  The last time I was in Iowa I found a breadbox at GW for 2$.  It cost 30$ to ship it here and it came in a largeish box.

Even so, I didnt know what to expect and I was very surprised.  This is not something you see every day.

It’s supposed to be nice over the weekend.  It’s Oregon.  You cant count on it.  But for two days in a row, it might be sunny and warm.  Maybe.  Possibly.  It might rain.  But maybe.  I understand why another friend referred to Oregonians as Norwegians.  Whenever the sun comes out, we flock out in droves.  It’s a rare sight.

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2 Responses to Randomness and Rain

  1. hawkeye says:

    this is the best goddamned picture ever! i lol’d sooooo hard

  2. hawkeye says:

    you forgot to mention that in a total blond moment forgot to pull the shelf out of the box, or even look for it and AND forgot to pull the uber rare special awesome gift i sent you that was also in the box!

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