Does the “S” in Sister also stand for sucker?

I got a text message from my brother last night asking for a favour. 

Home made chocolate chip cookies from the recipe our Mom always made when we were kids.  He said he’s got a craving.

He lives in Illinois.  I live in Oregon.  Our Mom lives in Iowa but she will refuse to make them for him.  She says he has two hands and he can do it himself.  I’ve done it before, for his birthday, and she was just incredulous.  She couldnt believe I’d go to all the trouble to make them, then pay to ship them 2 day UPS.  She said I’m nicer than she is.

In the end I acquiesced.  He’s my brother, he doesnt ask for much.  He’s been working 12+ hour days for the last couple of months and starts working 6PM to 6AM this week.  Major suck.  You could say I’m being the good sister, or that I took pity on him, or that I’m just a sucker.

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