Having Cool Neighbours Rocks!

There is not a lot of knitting going on.  The muscles in my left shoulder (the hand and arm I use to hold my needle) seized up on me and gave me a tension headache.  Fortunately, the girl I see for massage pulled out the headache on Saturday but I dont want to push it.

At least I have freaking cool neighbours.

Friday two of them (boyfriend/girlfriend) had a little cook out.  I chipped in with food and beer as did one of my other neighbours.  The three of them kept me up till 3 AM.  I cant remember the last time I stayed out so late.  We ate, drank beers, walked up to the pub, played ping pong, hung out, talked, etc.  It was a lot of fun.

The girl in the boyfriend/girlfriend pair has a washer and dryer.  The laundromat closest to me is gone.  Courtney has said she’d be happy to do a load for me once in a while.  Thank God for small favours.  She offered to do a load on Sunday if I left it on her back porch.  I got busy and forgot then left a load yesterday morning.  My bag o’clothes was gone last night, they were not on the line, usually she’ll put my bag on my back porch once they’re done.  Not today.  I left for work thinking they had been taken.  Not that the person who took them would end up with much, mostly dirty underwear, undershirts, and some t-shirts.  They were on my back porch after I got home today.  Yea!  I wont have to worry about seeing a homeless man in my neighbourhood wearing my underwear on the outside of his pants.

They want me to go camping with them in August.  I havent been camping since I was 18.  They want to hike up to Eagle Creek.  I’ve been up there once.  Hiked six miles in to Tunnel Falls and back.  Oregon is a state with a lot of natural beauty.  I hope it works out.  It sounds like it’d be a lot of fun and with no city lights there will be a lot of stars to see.

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