I think I’m in love

Knitting needle love. 

I’m working on the Cold Mountain Shawl from last summer’s Knitty.  It’s slowly coming along.  With the muscles in my left shoulder constantly wanting to kink up, I can only do a little at a time.  I was using a bamboo needle but it the tips were not pointy enough.  Fighting stitches was not helping my shoulder any.  Yesterday I broke down and bought an Addi Lace circular needle. 

Oh, My, God!  What a difference a new needle makes!  The tips are very pointy, the needle is smooth as is the join.  I’ve done 2 rows and havent had to fight with one stitch.  Did I mention the tips are very pointy?!

I bought an Addi circular needle a while ago but it didnt work for me.  Too damn slippery and the stitches kept falling off the needle.  This new one is so nice.  It has very pointy tips!

The shoulder should work itself out.  Having lived the last 2+ years with a high amount of stress, I’m not surprised that certain parts of my body have kinked up because of stress.  That’s what yoga and massage are for.

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