Got the foggy, election day, blues

It’s November 2nd.  Dont forget to vote!  It’s your civic duty as a citizen of this country to get off your sofa and get your duff to your local polling place.  If you live in Oregon dont forget to drop off your ballot!

It’s nearly noon and so foggy I cant see across the river from my desk.  It’s so foggy, I can barely even see the river and it’s less than 200 feet away from the building I work in.  Well, maybe a little more than 200 feet.  Usually on even the rainiest winter day I can at least see the river.

I’m afraid I have no real election predictions for you.  My hope is that Measure 74 will pass here in Oregon and allow dispensaries to open for medical marijuana patients.  While Oregon has medical marijuana you either have to grow it yourself or find someone to grow for you.  This is not an option for a lot of people.  Other than that it looks like the Dem’s will get their asses handed to them.  While I do not take joy in the thought of someone like Sharron Angle getting elected (or some of the other people with the crazy getting elected) if Democratic voters are going to sit on their asses rather than vote then they only have themselves to blame if Republicans shut down government early next year as some have promised to do.  And Dem’s really only have themselves to blame for being a bunch of limp dick weenies.  They stand for nothing.  They couldnt even properly dismiss the whole “Death Panel” fiasco with health care reform.  If they get trounced maybe some of them will finally start to show a freaking spine.

I’m not hype up about returns or anything like that.  Actually, today, I’m more interested in knitting a sock, doing my job, going to yoga, and reading a ton of international news and economic news.

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