Can it really work?

I saw an article at Apartment Therapy the other day about how to keep your apartment clean in 20 minutes a day.  Not everything on the list applies to me.  I dont have any “extra rooms” nor do I have multiple bathrooms or bedrooms, nor do I have a car or porch.  Well, I sort of have a porch that is full of gardening stuff.

I thought I’d give this a go because I live in a studio and it doesnt take much for it to get trashed.  If I neglect to do dishes one day it looks like a hurricane went through my kitchen.  That’s not dishes left in the sink from a huge cooking endeavor from the night before, that’s just normal usage. 

Like a lot of people I spend a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday cleaning.  Twenty minutes a day is do-able, even after yoga when it’s 7PM and dinner hasnt even been started yet.  Yesterday I tried it out and swept, picked up some clutter, picked up some trash, washed some dishes, picked up some clothes, and a few other things.  Today I’ll go for taking out trash & recyclables, clean Claire’s special place, sweep, and do dishes.  Yesterday, it was surprising how much could be done in 20 minutes. 

Hopefully I can stick to it.  I hate when my neighbours come by and feeling embarrassed by the way my apartment looks.  It’s not like I’m a force unto nature or that there is dried out food stuck to every open surface.   My space is small so it doesnt take much before it looks like a disaster area.

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