6:30 AM is too early for a yarn/needle explosion

I think I need extra help.  Is there a 12 step program for those of us who knit/crochet? 

This morning, just in time for me to leave for work, there was a yarn/needle explosion.  At 6:30 AM all my double-pointed needles decided to jump out of my yarn closet straight at me. 

My first thought?  Leave it till I get home tonight.  My second thought? Claire is going to be into this mess as soon as I walk out the door and I wont be able to find half of my needles by the time I get home.  I could feel her large green eyes and pea-sized brain planning and scheming.  Just waiting for me to leave so she could take advantage of the situation.  She likes to chew on all my knitting needles, even the metal ones.  She is not the brightest cat.  I think she has 3 brain cells and most of the time two of them are lost or two of them are fighting.

I picked up needles by the handful and chucked them back into the yarn closet.  I should take a picture to show you how much of a disaster it is.  Compared to others, my stash is relatively small, but it really needs to be whipped into shape.  Maybe that’s what it was trying to say when it exploded all over this morning.

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