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An ongoing experiment

Sigh. It’s Monday Morning

It was spectacular over the weekend.  Warm (upper 60’s, 70), sunny, Saturday night it didnt get completely dark until about 8.  Saturday, I biked over to Trader Joe’s and the produce store next door.  After biking up many hills I get to … Continue reading

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I have tomatoes! And Kale! Kale has quickly become one of my favourite greens.  This variety is Russian Red.  It’s loving the cool wet weather we’ve been having.  The peppers, not so much.  I had to replant the peppers because … Continue reading

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Finally, Some Knitting

Because this blog is supposed to have some knitting content right? This is what’s on my needles right now It’s Azure from Knitty.  It’s knit from the toe up using Judy’s Magic Cast on.  Toe up socks used to cause … Continue reading

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Is it Spring?

While half of the US is experiencing Snowpocalypse it feels like spring in Portland.  Over the last couple of weeks, it’s been about 50 or a little above, more often sunny than not, and dry.  Usually at this time of … Continue reading

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Back from the beach

Even though I didnt want to, I came back from the beach yesterday.  Donna especially, her boyfriend Don, and one of their friends Joe, are like my family.  In some ways, Donna is more like my Mom than my own Mother.  … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m still here

Well, It’s been a long absence.  I was dealing with a lot of man drama, man drama that went on for far too long.  Now he’s gone and it’s just Claire and I.  He’s been gone for a week and … Continue reading

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The gardening experiment

I’ve learned quite a bit from my little garden this summer.  Peppers seem to grow up.  What I mean is that the end where the flower used to be is pointing almost straight up to the sky.  Cucumber seems to … Continue reading

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