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Best. Beer. Ever.

Sunday I was over at M’s for brunch, laundry, and cards.  Instead of going home, I stayed the night.  M twisted my arm by saying he’d put my laundry in his car, pick me up from work, and drop me … Continue reading

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Bicycle Safety and Biking in a Skirt

Sorry about the absence.  I’ve been overly focused on Iran for the last week.  Today, 40 of the 86 clerics who choose the next Ayatollah have signed a letter disputing last Friday’s election results.  At least 50 cities recorded more … Continue reading

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Not worried. Or your PSA for today

At the risk of provoking the Universe, I’m going to say this out loud.  I am not the least bit worried about swine flu.  Lots of people get sick from the flu every year.  Some people die, most people recover. … Continue reading

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