Got the foggy, election day, blues

It’s November 2nd.  Dont forget to vote!  It’s your civic duty as a citizen of this country to get off your sofa and get your duff to your local polling place.  If you live in Oregon dont forget to drop off your ballot!

It’s nearly noon and so foggy I cant see across the river from my desk.  It’s so foggy, I can barely even see the river and it’s less than 200 feet away from the building I work in.  Well, maybe a little more than 200 feet.  Usually on even the rainiest winter day I can at least see the river.

I’m afraid I have no real election predictions for you.  My hope is that Measure 74 will pass here in Oregon and allow dispensaries to open for medical marijuana patients.  While Oregon has medical marijuana you either have to grow it yourself or find someone to grow for you.  This is not an option for a lot of people.  Other than that it looks like the Dem’s will get their asses handed to them.  While I do not take joy in the thought of someone like Sharron Angle getting elected (or some of the other people with the crazy getting elected) if Democratic voters are going to sit on their asses rather than vote then they only have themselves to blame if Republicans shut down government early next year as some have promised to do.  And Dem’s really only have themselves to blame for being a bunch of limp dick weenies.  They stand for nothing.  They couldnt even properly dismiss the whole “Death Panel” fiasco with health care reform.  If they get trounced maybe some of them will finally start to show a freaking spine.

I’m not hype up about returns or anything like that.  Actually, today, I’m more interested in knitting a sock, doing my job, going to yoga, and reading a ton of international news and economic news.

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Long Time No Post and What I did once on Halloween

Um, yeah.  That’s one way to look at it I suppose.  It has been quite a long time since anything was posted on this blog.    What have I been doing?  I went to see Lady Gaga with M.  It was my birthday/Christmas present from M and his husband.  At 175$ a pop, I can see why.  I would never have paid that money, not for one night of entertainment.  Normally, I could care less about pop music.  It doesnt to anything for me.  For some reason, I dont feel that way about Lady Gaga.

It was a lot of fun.  I got embarrassingly intoxicated but thankfully, M was there to take care of me.  He runs a good hospital.

I went camping with my neighbours.  We hiked 7 1/2 miles up Eagle Creek Trail, past Tunnel Falls, and camped for 2 nights.  Then we hiked ourselves out.  It was a lot of fun.  Yoga is still a part of the weekly routine.  Twice a week in that hot room allowed me to go the whole way and keep up even though I had never hiked that far with a 20 lb pack.  I’ve never hiked with a pack.  The last few miles at the very end on our way back kicked my butt.  I lagged then but it was well deserved.

As soon as I got home I took a hot bath.  Oh my God, I was filthy.  I washed, rinsed, and immediately emptied then refilled the tub with clean hot water.  My hair had so much grit.  Eck.  I cannot remember the last time it felt so good to be clean.

I saw The Stolen Sweets for my birthday.  That was fun too.

There has been a lot of thinking going on here.  Learning to reconnect with myself and my friends.  Remembering my feminist side, re-experiencing my love of music and novels.

I thought I’d start trying to get back into by telling my very own, rather unconventional, Halloween story.  It’s not at all what you’d expect.

I got married on Halloween in 1998 to Hawkeye.

It’s his favourite holiday.  I figured it’d be the one day he wouldnt forget.

We had already made the decision to move to Oregon but, hadnt told anyone.   I thought his parents might take it better if we were married.  Um, this is not a good reason to get married.  It’s not one I would recommend.

But we got married we did.  It was a small wedding, maybe 70 people.  I did not have a full complement of bridesmaids.  Just a friend and one of my Aunts.  Hawkeye had his brother and friend stand for him.  We got married at a park and for Iowa, that late in the year, we were gifted with good weather.  The park has a lodge where we had both the ceremony and the reception.  We decorated it for fall with hay bails, carved pumpkins, gourds, etc.  It was not fru-fru.  Neither Hawkeye nor I are into the froof.

My Dad, true to his Homer Simpson self, would not let up about when he was going to get some grandkids.  I couldnt take it anymore and said something to his sister who is the matriarch of the family.  She talked to him and he stopped.  Thank God.

I was so terrified at the ceremony I couldnt say anything when we came to having to recite our vows.  I was so terrified, after it was over, I threw up.  After that, I was okay and had a good time.

Although we are no longer married, we are very close.  It’s more of a familial relationship now.  His Mom says he and I are soulmates.  In a lot of ways, he and I grew up together.  I’ll take that any day over hating each other.


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I think I’m in love

Knitting needle love. 

I’m working on the Cold Mountain Shawl from last summer’s Knitty.  It’s slowly coming along.  With the muscles in my left shoulder constantly wanting to kink up, I can only do a little at a time.  I was using a bamboo needle but it the tips were not pointy enough.  Fighting stitches was not helping my shoulder any.  Yesterday I broke down and bought an Addi Lace circular needle. 

Oh, My, God!  What a difference a new needle makes!  The tips are very pointy, the needle is smooth as is the join.  I’ve done 2 rows and havent had to fight with one stitch.  Did I mention the tips are very pointy?!

I bought an Addi circular needle a while ago but it didnt work for me.  Too damn slippery and the stitches kept falling off the needle.  This new one is so nice.  It has very pointy tips!

The shoulder should work itself out.  Having lived the last 2+ years with a high amount of stress, I’m not surprised that certain parts of my body have kinked up because of stress.  That’s what yoga and massage are for.

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Having Cool Neighbours Rocks!

There is not a lot of knitting going on.  The muscles in my left shoulder (the hand and arm I use to hold my needle) seized up on me and gave me a tension headache.  Fortunately, the girl I see for massage pulled out the headache on Saturday but I dont want to push it.

At least I have freaking cool neighbours.

Friday two of them (boyfriend/girlfriend) had a little cook out.  I chipped in with food and beer as did one of my other neighbours.  The three of them kept me up till 3 AM.  I cant remember the last time I stayed out so late.  We ate, drank beers, walked up to the pub, played ping pong, hung out, talked, etc.  It was a lot of fun.

The girl in the boyfriend/girlfriend pair has a washer and dryer.  The laundromat closest to me is gone.  Courtney has said she’d be happy to do a load for me once in a while.  Thank God for small favours.  She offered to do a load on Sunday if I left it on her back porch.  I got busy and forgot then left a load yesterday morning.  My bag o’clothes was gone last night, they were not on the line, usually she’ll put my bag on my back porch once they’re done.  Not today.  I left for work thinking they had been taken.  Not that the person who took them would end up with much, mostly dirty underwear, undershirts, and some t-shirts.  They were on my back porch after I got home today.  Yea!  I wont have to worry about seeing a homeless man in my neighbourhood wearing my underwear on the outside of his pants.

They want me to go camping with them in August.  I havent been camping since I was 18.  They want to hike up to Eagle Creek.  I’ve been up there once.  Hiked six miles in to Tunnel Falls and back.  Oregon is a state with a lot of natural beauty.  I hope it works out.  It sounds like it’d be a lot of fun and with no city lights there will be a lot of stars to see.

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Does the “S” in Sister also stand for sucker?

I got a text message from my brother last night asking for a favour. 

Home made chocolate chip cookies from the recipe our Mom always made when we were kids.  He said he’s got a craving.

He lives in Illinois.  I live in Oregon.  Our Mom lives in Iowa but she will refuse to make them for him.  She says he has two hands and he can do it himself.  I’ve done it before, for his birthday, and she was just incredulous.  She couldnt believe I’d go to all the trouble to make them, then pay to ship them 2 day UPS.  She said I’m nicer than she is.

In the end I acquiesced.  He’s my brother, he doesnt ask for much.  He’s been working 12+ hour days for the last couple of months and starts working 6PM to 6AM this week.  Major suck.  You could say I’m being the good sister, or that I took pity on him, or that I’m just a sucker.

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Randomness and Rain

As of last Wednesday, it had rained every day for 19 days straight.  I’m not fucking kidding.

I took this last Thursday, the 20th day of rain in a row.  Yes, it’s June and it rained every day for 20 days in a row.  No, it didnt rain all day every day, but it rained a lot.  Even for Oregon it’s a lot.  Last Friday, the sun came out in the afternoon, Saturday was beautifully sunny.  I’d nearly forgotten what the sun looked like!  Sunday, it freaking poured in the morning!  Monday afternoon was beautifully sunny.  Yesterday and today, it’s been rain, rain, rain.

I got so desperate at one point I asked Hawkeye to do a sunny day dance for me.  He’s about a quarter Lakota Sioux and follows the Native American shamanic spiritual path.  I figured he’s gotta have some influence in the Greater Universe.  Not so much.

In knitting, I have a secret project at the moment.  The Universe gave a friend of mine a huge, wonderful, gift.  Then immediately crapped on him.  It’s a cheer you up gift, something he’s asked for.  Pride is next weekend.  I’ll see him then.  His smile will be totally worth it.

I’m still taking Bikram Yoga, once a week, every week.  It’ll be twice a week starting next week.  I really like it.  At first, I wasnt sure because the room is 105-110 degrees!  I cant do all the poses yet, not tomorrow, but maybe someday.  Bikram yoga has been good for me.  I feel more calm and relaxed.  What I notice most is that I dont feel as self-conscious about my body.  It’s a feeling I’ve carried for far too long.  Learning to let that feeling go is refreshing.

Fate threw in a bit of random weirdness at work today.  Our UPS guy dropped off a HUGE box today.  It nearly came up to my chest!  Okay, I’m only 5’2″ & 1/2, but it was still a big box.  Wide enough to just barely fit through the door.  No name on the label, looks like it might have been shipped from one of the other firms in San Francisco.  I called one of our I.T. guys.  Usually, they are the culprit.  Nope.  S came up to check it out, teased me about how he could fit me in the box and ship me somewhere, and said it wasnt his.  It’s a mystery.  S, being ever so much more clever than I, figured out who it was for.   It belonged to one of our attorney’s.  He called the # on the label.  D’oh!.  After teasing me more, he told me who it was for.  I delivered it and he asked if I wanted to know what was in it.  I’d been asked several times if I knew what the hell was in it.  So, I said sure.

It had hooves.  It was an animatronic horse.  I am not joking.  It was a little robotic horse that walked, moved it’s ears, and neighed.

This is not something you see every day.

It’s for his grandkids.  They already have an electronic horse they can ride on.  This one is it’s foal, and he got a good deal.  It cost more to ship than to buy.

I get it though.  The last time I was in Iowa I found a breadbox at GW for 2$.  It cost 30$ to ship it here and it came in a largeish box.

Even so, I didnt know what to expect and I was very surprised.  This is not something you see every day.

It’s supposed to be nice over the weekend.  It’s Oregon.  You cant count on it.  But for two days in a row, it might be sunny and warm.  Maybe.  Possibly.  It might rain.  But maybe.  I understand why another friend referred to Oregonians as Norwegians.  Whenever the sun comes out, we flock out in droves.  It’s a rare sight.

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A perfect lesson: I knit so I dont kill people

Yesterday, on my way home from work and an appointment, I lost my phone.  This is the very first time this has ever happened to me.  I’ve had a cell phone for 6 years and never once have I misplaced it or left it on the bus.

There is a first time for everything.

I had my phone when I got on the bus, but not after I got off at 6:20 or so last night.  When I got home, I tried to get online customer service from Sprint.  That didnt work.  I got myself back on the bus, and went to the mall to try to have service stopped on my phone and get a replacement.  I wasnt going to ask for anything fancy, just the same phone I had before.  That’s what I have insurance for right?

Not so much.

I’m already agitated by this point and trying not to flip out or have too many paranoid melodramatic thoughts like: Is someone making a bunch of 900 porn calls on my phone?  Is someone making a huge drug deal using my phone, only to be caught by the Feds?

Because I’m agitated, I’m knitting like a furious fiend.

The punk ass high school kid behind the counter was absolutely no help.  It’s one of the absolute worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had.  He said I had to file an insurance claim and if my claim was approved I’d get a replacement phone.  When I asked how long it would take, he talked to me in a very condescending tone, and told me to call the claim #.  Nothing pushes my buttons faster than being talked to in a condescending tone.

I looked at him and said “How can I call the # when I dont have a phone?!”

Did I mention he was talking on the phone the whole time?  This is a store full of phones and he couldnt offer another phone for me to make a call?!  I waited for his punk ass to get off the phone for more than a half an hour?!

All I could think about while I was furiously knitting away was how glad he should be that I had string so I didnt stick my sticks in some of his more sensitive squishy areas.  Well, that and re-enacting the shower scene from Psycho.  How well do you think bamboo knitting needles would hold up?

I left the mall (where I loathe going anyway) frustrated, empty handed, without receiving any help whatsoever. 

As I waited in the rain, under the bus shelter, to go home, I chatted with a girl who was intrigued about my furious knitting.  She looked fairly young.  Every other word out of her mouth was “like”, “you know”, or “Oh my God”.  She thought Chicago was by New York and had no idea where New Zealand was. 

If children are indeed our future, we are going to hell in a handbasket.

Fortunately for yours truly, my phone was turned into lost and found.  Hurray!  Hopefully picking it up this afternoon will not be a cluster of an adventure.

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