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Saturday Afternoon

Things are taking off here.  There are going to be tomatoes coming out my ears!  I’m thinking of things I can do with them like: freeze for pizza/spaghetti sauce and soup, make catsup (how cool would green catsup be, or … Continue reading

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So sweet it’ll make your teeth hurt

I love Claire.  When I first inherited her I thought I was going to have to give her up.  It was more than a month before we got along. Even though she doesnt really like anyone and is more often … Continue reading

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Sour Cherry Pie Help!

I am in need of some culinary assistance.  I would say desperate need, but that would sound a little melodramatic.  I’m looking for a sour cherry (pie cherry, tart cherry) pie recipe that I can make without a pie pan.  … Continue reading

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Bicycle Safety and Biking in a Skirt

Sorry about the absence.  I’ve been overly focused on Iran for the last week.  Today, 40 of the 86 clerics who choose the next Ayatollah have signed a letter disputing last Friday’s election results.  At least 50 cities recorded more … Continue reading

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Letter from Iran

I read this today.  The guy who wrote it requested wide publication.  I’m putting it here, in full.  It’s about the march in Iran yesterday (Monday) from Revolution Square to Freedom Square. “I left my home in Tajrish along with … Continue reading

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Curious about the outside world?

I dont have a TV.  All the news I get is from the Internet (it’s a series of tubes you know).  Which, I guess is good because the regualr cable TV news hasnt done a lot of reporting on the … Continue reading

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Love him or hate him

It’s usually one way or the other with Michael Moore.  I havent agreed with all the tactics he’s used, but there are times when his humour is just spot on. With the mess our economy is in, this is very … Continue reading

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