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Conducting and Experiment

I am going to try to grow tomatoes.  Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed because I have not always had the best luck with plants.  I bought two starters from the farmers market in Sellwood  and talked to the farmer.  … Continue reading

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Holy Crowds of People Batman! pt 2

Here are some pictures from yesterday The last picture is of me and Joan, we met waiting in line for the rally.  She let me use her sunscreen (I’m very pale, almost reflective) and was very kind and generous.  She … Continue reading

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Holy Crowds of People Batman!

I went to see Obama today and what can I say other than “Jesus Fucking Christ” (sorry for the language) the crowd was estimated at 75,000 people.  Seventy-five-thousand-people!  Obama did have a good speech.  He talked about the “gas-tax holiday” … Continue reading

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Absolutely Ridiculous

I saw this yesterday on Knit Like a Man and couldnt resist sharing.  It’s kind of like a train wreck

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Yea! Progress

Yes, I know it doesnt look like much but this is going to be one of my thigh-high lace stockings. So far, it’s probably the most challenging thing I’ve tried to knit. I’ve started over several times and there have … Continue reading

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I said this blog would contain knitting content right? Well, yesterday was not my day. I tried to make rhubarb strawberry crisp but the crisp part turned out really soggy. The recipe called for too much butter and I ended … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Different

So, to not be totally depressing I’m leaving this And this

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